From files to furniture, ZipCubes has an efficient and affordable solution for your business storage needs that saves you time and money.

My business needs storage for…

file_storageFILE STORAGE
ZipCubes provides convenient and secure compartmentalized file storage for businesses and organizations large and small. Save time, money, and space by archiving your older files in a ZipCube.

ZipCubes offers the most convenient way to store excess stock , equipment or furniture. Competitive rates combines with the convenience of delivery to your location for loading, access, or unloading makes ZipCubes the smart choice for businesses large and small. Make room for business. Call us today for short or long term storage.

Whatever your storage or moving requirement, ZipCubes offers a flexible, convenient, and secure solution. Cubes are delivered right to your office for you to load onsite. Once loaded, we can store your cubes from as much time as you need; or we can deliver them directly over to your new office location.

Here’s how it works:

1We deliver a Zip Cube to your location for you to load your items into.

2We can store your ZipCube in our secure storage storage facility for as long as needed based on your schedule. Once you are done with storage, we can either re-deliver it to anywhere in the Bay Area, or safely move your cube to an address across the country.

3If re-locating to another city, we transport your ZipCube in a fully enclosed air-ride equipped vehicle to a ZipCubes storage storage facility in your destination city.

4Your ZipCube is re-delivered to you at your new address when you are ready to unload your items, or you can keep your moving cube in storage at destination for as long as you want.

Why choose ZipCubes for business storage?

serviceMore Convenient
We bring the storage cubes right to your door, so all you have to do is load your items into the cubes once and we take them to secure storage (if you need help loading your cube, we can assist). There is no need to rent and load a truck, drive across town only to unload into hallways or elevators, and eventually into a storage unit. With ZipCubes, you load once and you’re done.

great-rateYou Save Money
With ZipCubes you save the cost of a rental truck and expensive movers. No hidden costs or long term commitments. There is no credit card needed for reserving a cube and no cancellation fee. Also, we’ll gladly do a price match if you find like-for- like offers in the market. Check out our Rates page for great deals.

accessAccessible 7 days/week
You have free drive-up access to your cube 7 days per week at our secure storage facility. We just need a warning in advance so that we can have the cube ready for you. We can also deliver the cubes out to your location for you to access onsite.

securityMore Secure
We take protecting your stored property very seriously! Once your cubes are loaded, you will lock your cubes and no one has access to your items until you unlock them again. Your cubes are only accessible to you, and only when you want to access them – in the meantime, the locked cubes are safely tucked away inside our 24/7 secured warehouse. Unlike other storage facilities where people can approach unsupervised at all hours of the day and night, with ZipCubes you get peace of mind knowing that no one, other than you, can even approach your storage space. We’ve never had a cube broken into!