Looking for a convenient and less stress full way to securely store your personal belongings? ZipCubes storage has you covered!

De-Cluttering, Home Staging, Remodeling

For De-Cluttering your home, ZipCubes offers a convenient and affordable storage solution to get the project done; and one that ensures valuables are kept safe, secure and also accessible

More Convenient & Less Work
ZipCubes brings the storage unit to your location when you want to put your items into storage – so you only have to pack once. Skip the hassle of loading your car or rent-a-truck, driving to a mini-storage, unloading your vehicle, and then lugging to and re-loading your storage space.

More Secure & Less Worry
With ZipCube’s same-day-into-storage service, your cube goes into our secure storage facility the same day you load it. Unlike other mobile storage operators, your items will not sit on the street overnight for several days with only a padlock to protect it.
Once in storage, your cube is kept locked up in our secure and dry local storage facility; where only you and the individuals you authorize will have access to it.

More affordable
Our sturdy 5ft wide x 8ft long x 7ft tall steel storage cubes are relatively smaller and more scalable, allowing you to maximize utilization of the space and only pay for what you use. Also, you do not need to get a “City Permit” with our same-day-into-storage delivery service.

Local Access
Once your cube is in storage, convenient drive-up access is available at our local San Francisco storage facility.
Should you want the added convenience of accessing at your location, we can bring the cube right out to you, and then put it back into storage when done.