Using ZipCubes for your storage and relocation needs gives you security, flexibility, and value. Since we provide both storage and nationwide moving, we can work with you to devise unique solution that fits your unique needs and fits within your budget. From short-term or long-term storage, relocation with no storage, to storage and relocation combinations, we have a solution for you.

We have flexible plans, so if you’re not sure exactly where you will end up moving to, or if your plans change, simply give us a call and we will find a new solution for you.

Storage Services

ZipCubes rents storage spaces that are 5ft wide x 8ft long x 7ft. tall each holding 1 – 1 ½ rooms worth of residential items. We provide convenient delivery to your home or office so that you only have to pack your items once. While in storage you have drive-up access to your cube at our secure local storage facility, or we can bring it out to you for an access at your location. Once you are done with storage, we can re-delivery the cube to your location, across town or nationwide; or simply come pick your items up at our storage facility.

While in storage only you have the key to your ZipCube, and only you and the individuals you authorize can schedule an access to it.

All rentals are month-to-month at competitive rates with discounted rates available for those who want to rent long-term. You have the flexibility to add or reduce the number of storage units you rent at any time, and we can deliver single or multiple storage cubes to your location for loading or unloading.

Easy and flexible storage solutions: that’s what you can expect from ZipCubes.

Moving Services

Make the smart move
ZipCube’s long distance moving service gives you control and flexibility, allowing you to focus on all the elements of relocating, while we take care of getting your items to their new location safely, on schedule and within budget.
Here is how it works:

  1. Contact us to get a quote. A helpful move coordinator will manage your move from quote all the way through to final delivery.
  2. We deliver a ZipCube to your home or office for you to load your items into.
  3. We store your ZipCube in our secure storage facility for as long as needed based on your moving schedule.
  4. We transport your ZipCube in a fully enclosed air-ride equipped vehicle to a ZipCubes storage facility in your destination city.
  5. Your ZipCube is re-delivered to you at your new address when you are ready to unload your items, or you can keep your moving cube in storage at destination for as long as you want.

A better moving experience

With most traditional movers, your items are handled and repacked several times during the course of a move, subjecting them to increased handling and risk of damage. With ZipCubes you pack and unpack your items only once into your individual sturdy moving cube, and only you have the key to access the cube.
More Flexible. We understand that you may not have an exact address lined up yet in your new town. With a ZipCubes move you have the flexibility of securely storing your cube either at your origin city or destination city for as long as you want.

No Surprises

Pay only for what you use. ZipCubes offers you a container size that saves you money by not having you pay for extra space you don’t need. Competitors like PODS utilize large 16′ or 20′ containers where you often end up only partially using the allotted space. Not only does this increase the risk for damaging your items due to shifting in the container, it also can cost you more money. Our 5ft x 8ft x 7ft containers are ideally sized to keep your items safe and allows you to utilize space more efficiently; thus increasing your ability to keep costs low.
Call us today at 415-982-1508 for more information on how ZipCubes can help make your move easier.