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  • I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with ZipCubes. I used them to store my stuff for a summer while I was working on the East Coast. Jeff is extremely helpful and made me feel safe and assured. Jeff made it easy from the initial order and delivery to scheduling a drop-off. He's extremely kind and left me feeling like I was in good hands. I felt like I had a much more personal experience than some big chain. Great customer service every step of the way! Thanks for making my move easier, Jeff!

    Lauren G. San Francisco, CA
  • Late review, I moved in June, but felt I had to leave a review on the great service!  I've had such negative experiences with moving services, and heavily researched all my options before deciding on Zipcubes.  The price was excellent, and Jeff went above and beyond from answering all my questions, scheduling, and pitching in with his amazing Tetris skills when it came to getting my studio apartment into two small cubes. I gave him a fat tip, and found out later that my mom did too! He deserved it all though. 🙂   Love that I'm supporting a local business.

    Andrea P. Sacramento, CA
  • What a fantastic little company!  They fill a niche that PODs fails at badly. That is PODS never seem to be available for delivery or pickup when you need them, not even within 2 weeks in some cases.  These guys were great, they communicated well about how their process works and I managed to get my entire house packed into 4 zip cubes when I was in a bit of a panic after PODS said they couldn't get me another pod for 13 days!  Big props to Nick and team.  They get the job done with personal service and attention.

    Kelly H. Belmont, CA
  • Nick and team are great and made the process of moving and storing my Nob Hill apartment quick and easy. We were able to fit a 500 square foot apartment into one cube. Granted I'm not a hoarder, but I was incredibly surprised that everything fit into one (even though they brought a second cube at no additional charge, just in case). After doing my research, ZipCubes has the best prices in SF/Bay area and really incredible service. Use Zip Cubes if you need to store your stuff short term or long term. There's no reason to spend hundreds of dollars a month with their Bay area moving/storage competitors who want to price gouge because they think they can. ZipCubes is awesome. Thanks again Nick. Highest of recommendations!

    Tommy H. San Francisco, CA
  • This is an exceptional storage company. They've been storing my stuff since April 2014, for far less than what we were also paying for a static space down in Hunter's Point. Arranging a timely delivery was easy. Our guy said we'd have about four hours to load it, and he doesn't exactly load the cube (you need to do it yourself or hire a strong back or two), he will help you put it together like a giant tetris puzzle. All of his advice was spot on, and everything survived the trip from Oakland to Treasure Island, the move to Hayward, and the final delivery and unpack at ABF in Oakland. We also accessed the cube a couple of times while it was at Treasure Island, and they were always able to arrange a visit quickly. We had some trouble arranging a Relocube to deliver to Zipcube to move the contents to the PNW. So Zipcube delivered to Relocube at their shipping terminal (ABF). The biggest surprise was that we got a pro-rated refund on the rest of the month from Zipcube - again, our storage space down in Hunter's Point didn't even do that. I always find the guys answering the phone and calling me back to be personable and efficient. The one guy was trying to arrange for a way to pack up our Hunter's Point storage space and hold it at Zipcube so it would be easier for us to pack up everything at once in the Relocube. How nice is that?

    Ingrid J. San Francisco, CA
  • This storage company is amazing & there employees go above & beyond what I expected!! They made our move very easy & worked with the days & times we needed. We couldn't have asked for anything better in a storage / moving company! We will recommend them to family & friends & will be using them again in the future.

    Lauren G. San Jose, CA
  • i have used zipcubes (nick and jeff) on three separate occasions: to store my stuff, to move my stuff, and to store my company's stuff. each time, they're really responsive and just plain nice. they accommodate your hectic schedule and do their best to relieve some of the stress of moving. i'm going to continue to use these guys. they are fantastic.

    Kate F. New York, NY
  • I was leaving town for a several-month trip and needed some place to store all my stuff.  ZipCubes addressed most all of my needs, a relatively accessible location (Treasure Island at the time), low cost, and delivery of the cubes to my front door for both when I wanted to store my stuff and when I needed it back. Jeff and Nick were incredibly helpful and friendly. They consistently went above and beyond what was needed or expected. Jeff actually helped me reorganize my two cubes after my movers did a craptastic job of just stuffing them with no rhyme nor reason. Nick and his boss, Alex, backed up their trailer down the hundred yard cul-de-sac I live on in order to deliver both my cubes at the same time, in order to avoid my having to get movers out on two separate occasions. I would highly recommend them, if only for the service, but the fact that they provide a reasonably-priced storage alternative is icing on the cake.

    El A. San Francisco, CA
  • I signed up with Alex, who made joining Zipcubes a very smooth process.  I wasn't sure how long I'd need a storage space, so I just went with month-to-month.  When I got there, I'd forgotten to bring a padlock, but it was no problem- he had a brand new Master Lock for sale. To stage my condo for potential renters, I hauled a bunch of junk to ZipCubes.  Jeff and Alex are pretty flexible, as long as you give them advance notice so that they can actually get your cube onto the ground (all the cubes are arranged like stacked shipment containers).  They are very accessible by phone.  I had to go once or twice a week, so they were able to position my cube in a more accessible area. At the end, I arranged for my cube to be sent to my new home in Marin County.  Jeff was great!  He had a great hand truck that was much better than my dinky dolly, so I borrowed that when transporting stuff from the cube.  He's such a friendly and honest guy- someone you'd trust with your possessions. I was really happy with my ZipCubes experience.  The facility is secure and has security cams.  Even when I was alone, I felt very safe in the facility.  I also noticed that there were other women doing their storage activities, too.

    Miran C. San Francisco, CA
  • These guys have fantastic customer service! The company normally requires 48 hour notice to access your storage unit, but Alex was kind enough to let me drop off stuff with less than an hour notice. He went above and beyond and don't know what I would have done otherwise! Thank you zip cubes, you guys rock!

    Jenn K. Charlotte, NC
  • ZipCubes service and staff really helped me out in my storage needs when I needed to pack things up and move out of my studio in SF. I needed some long-term storage while living abroad and found my items in great condition after I returned. The pricing was affordable and I would highly recommend and consider using them again in the future.

    Dennis G. Sacramento, CA
  • I highly recommend this company. I've been using their services for about four years now and have never been let down by their excellent work. Nick drove the cube out to my apartment and helped us load everything into the cube. Definitely give these guys a call!

    Kelsey H. San Francisco, CA
  • Way exceeded my expectations. I packed and staged all my stuff the day before the move. Zip dude arrived on time, surveyed the situation, and then directed the 3 guys I hired from the San Francisco Day Labor Program for 2 1/2 hours while I tied up loose ends. I didn't expect to get a Move Director along with the $95 delivery charge for 2 cubes. It's great to have someone who knows what they're doing to help you out at a stressful time. One thing I didn't realize was that the boxes don't come off the flatbed when you're loading. So you have to dolly (provided) your items up a ramp from the ground into the cube. I'lll post a followup in a couple of months when I unbox.

    Greg D. San Francisco, CA
  • This is the best idea ever. They bring a cube to your house and then take it away with all your stuff, which you don't have to see again until they bring it back to your new house. Just the fact that I don't ever have to go back and forth to a storage facility, lugging things up and down endless hallways and elevators, makes it worth it to me. On top of that, they couldn't be more efficient and friendly to work with. Love it.

    Bibi G. San Francisco, CA
  • Once our home's foundation failed I knew we were in big trouble.  We needed to scoot to smaller temporary housing and stash a fair amount of our household goods away. I searched around and found these guys. The were cheaper, friendlier, and responsive. We stuffed some of our stuff into their cool aluminum cubes and waved it goodby. Until we had a work transfer to Spain during the reconstruction of our home. A quick call to Jeff and we had some more cubes delivered to our temporary home. We stuffed them up quite well and said goodby. ZipCubes worked with us upon return, trundling cubes over piecemeal as we moved back into our repaired house. We really couldn't of asked for more.

    Casey D. Belmont, CA
  • Flexible, patient and cost effective! I had a family crisis which resulted in me needing to move to Atlanta from the Bay Area, CA on short notice.  My move was completely disorganized and I called ZipCubes (Alex) at least 5 times as I tried to figure out how to get my belongings back to Atlanta.  I finally decided to have my things shipped to Atlanta after I left California, so ZipCubes worked with Joan (professional organizer) who supervised my move, emptied my apartment in CA, turned in my apt keys, etc.  My original move date had rain in the forecast (and it did rain that day).  ZipCubes called me to suggest we reschedule - THANK YOU!  It would have be horrible to have my things rained on. I priced ZipCubes along with several other "national" pod moving companies and I found ZipCubes to be the most flexible and cost effective. Since I was totally new to this concept, I will describe my process: - ZipCubes arrived at my Public Storage unit - Movers that I hired separately moved my items into the ZipCubes (I had two) - My items were sent to a warehouse in SF, CA and loaded unto a truck a few days later - My items arrived in Atlanta at SmartBox (the "local affiliate") within about 10 days - SmartBox coordinated bringing my items to my new place - I kept my SmartBoxes for three weeks at no additional cost (I was told that they can't guarantee this amount of flexibility) I paid about 1/3 of the cost of long haul movers = savings of approx $7k.  When compared to the national pod companies I saved about $500 - $1k using ZipCubes.  I could not believe I saved this much money! Thank you ZipCubes for your excellent customer service and cost savings!

    Tasha J. Atlanta, GA
  • I highly recommend using Zip Cubes! Jeff was awesome and made the experience seamless, it couldn't have gone better. Each cube can store a ton of stuff and I was able to easily fit a 2 bedroom flat into two cubes. The price was much better then competitors and with their focus on customer service, it's a no brainer.

    Kendall S. Soquel, CA
  • Jeff and the ZipCubes team provide a great storage solution at a reasonable price. Jeff brought the portable storage unit to our location and advised us on loading tips as we loaded the unit with our belongings. The unit can be easily accessible at their Treasure Island location with 48 hours' advance notice.  I highly recommend ZipCubes without reservation for all of your storage needs.

    Steve C. San Francisco, CA
  • Rarely leave reviews but after my experience I had to share. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR STORAGE COME HERE - yes caps lock status. The cube is huge, clean, and affordable. Jeff is hands down one of the nicest human beings ever. Him and Alex were so accommodating. I moved from the east coast to SF, had my things in storage with them for about 5 months and never had a single issue. I can't thank them enough.

    Ivy G. Washington, DC
  • These guys are amazing! I used them 2 times. Way more affordable than any other cube service and super friendly. I highly recommend them.

    Jax C. San Francisco, CA
  • Last spring I made plans to put my stuff in a traditional storage unit in San Francisco during the summer. I reserved it online at a large storage facility in SoMA. I had moved recently so I was planning on making the impact on friends and family are minimal as possible. My plan was to have some friends help me move furniture and then move the rest on my own slowly but surely. I went to the facility to get keys and see the place. Within 3 minutes I was in complete panic thinking about driving down to SoMA multiple times to a huge factory and moving my things bit by bit up an elevator, down a hallway, up 14 steps and down another long, narrow hallway. I told the manager that I needed a moment outside. I quickly googled POD-like storage options. I am a single person and have always lived in a shared house so PODS are not a very economical option for me. Within a minute or so I saw  the link for Zipcube and called them up. After a short conversation, I had a cube "pick-up" scheduled for a few days from the phone call. I went back in and canceled my storage unit. I will NEVER use a traditional storage unit again. It took me about 75 minutes to load up all of my things with only 1 friend helping me move my things down 3 flights of stairs. It was SO wonderful to finish packing up the cube and realize that I didn't have to deal with it again. I cannot believe I almost spent time loading up a truck, unloading a truck and loading into a sketchy storage unit in SoMA. I don't think it actually ended up costing more money than a traditional storage unit but I certainly would have paid a bit extra to save an enormous amount of time and hassle. I am putting my things in storage over the summer while I travel and will definitely be using ZipCube again.

    Diane B. San Francisco, CA
  • I cannot even begin to tell you just how awesome the service I got from ZipCubes was. I needed to put a number of items into storage, some long term and some short term due to upcoming work on the building where I live.  You keep reading about Jeff in the reviews and every word of it is true. He was helpful with scheduling, even when I had to reschedule on short notice. He was helpful with how to load the boxes. He was helpful with every step of the process. If you're willing to fill the storage bins to capacity they really do hold a lot of stuff. It was easily 2 bedrooms worth of stuff (plus a washer and dryer) that I put away and it didn't completely full two pods. They were easy to pack up and I am very pleased with how the day went. If you need this kind of storage, ZipCubes really does the job, and I highly recommend them.

    James R. San Francisco, CA
  • Super convenient if you need a place to store your stuff for a month or two in between moves - totally beats taking your stuff to public storage and not much more expensive either. The guys were very friendly too

    Aden Z. San Francisco, CA
  • ATTENTION ALL SF Residents ZipCubes was very easy and accomodating.  Jeff the Operations Manager understands Customers and acts accordingly. It's nice to work with a company that understands that the customers satisfaction is vital. I recommend Jeff

    Hollie A. San Francisco, CA
  • We all know that moving sucks! Not only was I homeless for two weeks but pods would not come to my new location! I found ZipCubes online dialed the number, and the owner called me back promptly! Scheduling was easy did I mention that I was booking a week before the move! The owner was super accommodating 🙂 My move went smoothly thanks to ZipCube! In the future I will ZipCube all the way!

    Elizabete Maria T. San Francisco, CA
  • Jeff is the "man" to deal with, his follow up and coordination are seamless. This was my first experience using a pod like storage. I definitely give ZipCube a star*  10.  This is a very reliable way to go, I would definitely recommend this service to anyone needing storage, and help packing. Because of my back issue Jeff coordinated the moving truck and even updated me on ETR both ways.  You can coordinate your movers with Jeff and he does the rest. As we all know moving is a very stressful time and this huge piece of it made  it alot less stressful. Thanks Again Jeff & ZipCubes. Sincerely Loyal, Gus Zozaya

    Gus Z. Ballwin, MO
  • A great option for storing items, and the price is very reasonable for storage in SF. Jeff was fantastic and so friendly. This made moving seem less stressful. ZipCubes is number one!

    Wendy B. West Lake Village, CA
  • I've been a customer during several periods of time away from the bay area for over four years. I wouldn't trust anyone else except these guys. Their services and pricings are unbeatable, and they went above and beyond my expectations.   Just give jeff or alex a call and they will figure out the best way to help!

    Lindsay T. Brooklyn, NY
  • My wife found this company as we gathered things to move out of our place in the east bay.  I wasn't aware of Pod service until she told me about ZipCube.  I just assumed we were going to put it in a storage unit. Well, now I know that a mobile storage unit is the way to go.  Jeff was our contact.  His communication with us was exceptional.  He picked up our items in June when we left, and then dropped them off recently as we just moved to the Peninsula. I really don't enjoy the moving process, but ZipCube made the process go a little bit easier.  The only thing I recommend is to have a team of movers, whether it be friends/family.

    Rod O. Emeryville, CA
  • All the reviews are legit; these guys did a great job!  This is really 5 star services as my standards are very high and moving really sucks. Here's how it went down: We were moving from San Francisco to the Peninsula so I called a few days before the move to confirm everything, and we were set.  Let me say that Jeff and Alex respond to all emails and promptly call back. We had almost everything packed so there were no surprises (if you are going to complain about how long it's taking, do a reality check to make sure YOU did your due diligence and packed up everything because it's your responsibility). Day before the move: Jeff calls me twice and confirms that everything is set. Day of move Jeff called early in the morning to again confirm that we are good to go.  He showed up on time and got everything laid out with a friendly smile. Now I had my own crew for the move so all Jeff had to do was sit in the truck and dose off which is fine. Instead, he helped organize the crew like a foreman, showed the best way to pack the units (LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE), and even helped moving...lifting some very heavy items which is above and beyond any expectations and not something he has to do. Even let us use his heavy duty dolly. We loaded up very quickly, Jeff confirmed everything again with the storage and pick up dates, and he rode off into the sunset as the man of saved the day.

    Lance H. Redwood City, CA
  • Jeff is the best. I can't say enough good things. It was always easy for me to access my cube, and then when we moved the cube back east, Jeff personally packed up parts of my bike to ensure no damage. I definitely recommend!

    Megan F. San Francisco, CA
  • I comparison shopped extensively and ZipCubes has the best prices and the most flexible service of any of the pod storage firms I looked at. - The stuff is stored at Pier 27 for easy access (just call the day before you want to access the cube). - Great monthly price - Great price if you want the cube brought to your location - Clean, dry facility.

    Matt M. Naperville, IL
  • How often do you use the line "We love our storage people!"... Personally, I'd never used it until this past year when I used Zip Cubes.  Jeff and Alex from Zip Cubes are great!  They are professional and super friendly and Zip Cubes couldn't be a better value. My boyfriend and I left SF to travel for a year so we needed to put all of our things in storage.  They come to your door, you load it up, then they take it away and store it.  A year later it was delivered back to us when we came back and found a new place.  It couldn't have been easier, storage rates are the best in town, and saved it us from renting a truck.  If we ever wanted access to our stuff we just called the day before and they got our cube out for us.  While we were off on the other side of the world traveling we never once worried about our stuff.  Jeff made us feel like we were just leaving our stuff in the garage of a good friend.

    Rachel Beth E. Oakland, CA
  • The service I've had with ZipCube so far is first rate. Sturdy cube, good prices, and a really patient driver who helped negotiate all my stuff into place. I recommend this company far over any other I've used when moving (including Door to Door). I'll update this review after retrieving my stuff to comment on the second half of the experience.

    Sam C. Berkeley, CA
  • I did lots of research on my different options for storage. I procrastinated until the very last minute to make up my mind on what I was going to do, but ended up choosing ZipCube b/c it was the best solution for my moving needs. I called on a Wednesday and needed to be out of my place by Saturday - I thought there was no way they could fit me in! I called and left a voicemail. Jeff called me back within 10 minutes and I thought I was going to hear the dreaded words of "Are you crazy? We can't do that!", but instead he said "Sure, you need something in the next couple of days. Let me see what I have available." He worked me in that Friday, which was only 48 hours later! He even referred me to the Yelp coupon for delivery to save me money (wow!). AMAZING. He called to confirm the day and time the day before he was to arrive. I was even expecting him to be late since I got "worked in", but he was even a few minutes early. Jeff helped me move my stuff out, which is not apart of his job, but did it out of kindness. He was very professional, courteous and I felt good about sending him off with my belongings. GREAT service and VERY affordable compared to other storage options I researched.

    Katherine N. San Francisco, CA
  • So far so good.  ZipCubes brought cube one to my narrow windy street and then zipped cube 2 in before my moving crew of friends ran out of steam.  The cubes was clean and secure, and the staff were responsive and nice.  I'll repost in a year when I pick things up, but so far, couldn't be more pleased.

    Rachel D. San Francisco, CA
  • An update reiterating the previous high review.  I used Zipcubes to move because I had a large couch that wouldn't fit on a pickup rental.  When we got to my new place, my girlfriend and I struggled to get the couch into my apartment, so the Zipcube drver (Jeff, I think) helped, even though we were done unpacking and he could have left.  Good people, decent price (steeper than renting a UHaul but you don't have to drive or deal with the rental outside of the moving window).

    Vivek T. San Francisco, CA
  • If you want convenient and efficient storage, this is the place. Also, the customer service is great. Jeff and Alex who run this place give you their cell phone number and always call back within hoursif they are not immediately available. They deliver the storage unit to your place and then drop it off at the warehouse where it is stored. I did not find a better monthly rate in SF either. The location is convenient as well at Pier 27. You can bring your car right up to the storage unit if you ever need to get back into it. These guys are very flexible and are true to their word when it comes to customer service.

    R R. San Francisco, CA