ZipCubes vs. Other mobile storage companies

No Permit Fees
Make sure you ask about permit fees if you get a quote from our competitors. With our Same-Day-Into-Storage service you will not need to purchase expensive municipal permits since your storage cube will not sit on the street for several days.

More Secure
With ZipCubes your cube(s) goes into our secure storage facility the same day you load it. Unlike the other guys, your items will not sit on the street overnight for several days with only a padlock to protect it.

More accessible
We store your cube(s) in a secure storage facility in San Francisco, where you have access to your items. Most of our mobile storage competitors transport your items far away for storage, so accessing your items can be inconvenient and often expensive.

With so many advantages over our traditional storage and mobile storage competitors, why not choose ZipCubs Storage? Call 415-982-1508….a storage and moving specialist is ready to assist you.